A Vision Realized: Alegre De Pilipinas Shines at Paris Fashion Week 2023

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In the dazzling showcase of the 2023 Paris Fashion Week, the resounding success of Alegre De Pilipinas, LLC echoed like a clarion call to the world. Behind this triumph stands the visionary leader, Janice Delima Tentler, whose relentless pursuit of conquering the global fashion industry has transformed into an awe-inspiring reality, driven by a noble vision and an array of fashion runway projects.

PFW 2023 was the stage where Janice took the helm, leading the charge as she orchestrated a grandiose performance, resonating with her unwavering commitment to the international promotion of Filipino companies, designers, models, and brand ambassadors. She is not just a CEO; she is a true luminary in the fashion world, a philanthropic force, and a beauty queen with an indomitable spirit. Her journey towards success is nothing short of inspirational, igniting an unyielding pursuit of excellence. This influential figure in the realms of fashion and marketing has been showered with accolades from esteemed organizations, including the prestigious Diamond Excellence Award. She was not only recognized as “The Woman of Excellence of the Year” by one but also as “The International Runway Production of the Year” by another, a testament to her brand’s unwavering commitment to both innovation and excellence.

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